Have a sunny weekend

19 June 2015

This week was a lucky one where hefty blocks of fancy chocolate showed up in the mail followed by a present so comprehensive I wondered whether it was my birthday :)

We have friends from Canberra coming to stay this weekend to check out the comedy festival and then our very first cooking class with Soon on Sunday. Here are a few favourite finds from this week:

I'm racing through Start Up Season 2, which follows two women who set up a dating app.

Helen Garner on the insults of age via Chat 10 Looks 3.

Stocking the freezer with this simple vegetable stock (scroll all the way down).

'Gold lost, values found' - the story of a country town and an interracial relationship in the 1970s.

A brilliant half hour with Atul Gawande at the Sydney Writers' Festival on rethinking end of life care.

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