Angie's Sydney housewarming

10 June 2015

My friend Angelina threw a beautiful housewarming party over the weekend, a Sunday brunch that left no one hungry. I was extra excited for Angie and her boyfriend Dave because I'd spent part of last year living with them while they house hunted. Tony and I ended up being their first house guests.

Angie went all out with the catering, which she loves, while I made donuts and brought my cookie decorating kit so I could stamp the name of their new home on house-shaped cookies :)

There was so much food, from a lamb tagine to special cinnamon scrolls and hotcakes in the shape of bees topped with honeycomb butter. 

For a winter's day it was lovely and warm and we spent the afternoon having drinks in the sun, catching up and chasing after babies who are suddenly on the move.

It was really fun and made me a tiny bit homesick for Sydney, especially because we went to the Sydney Film Festival later that night and I caught up with my sister and niece before it was time to drive home.

Photos by me and Angelina Chee.

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