A fun new podcast

08 June 2015

We spent a good 10 hours on the road this long weekend and I was stoked to discover Starlee Kine's new podcast Mystery Show right before we left.

Starlee Kine is behind one of my most favourite This American Life stories, 'Dr Phil', in which she enlists Phil Collins to help her pen a satisfying break up song. The pair end up talking about heartbreak, relationship breakdowns and whether you can ever really get over people. It's seriously great radio that's both hilarious and heartwarming.

In Mystery Show, Starlee Kine promises to bust open a real life mystery in each episode, working on cases that can't be solved by Google. They're kooky, low-stakes cases that lead her to a bunch of unexpected people, stories and ultimately an explanation. 

This show makes me grin, from the theme music to the super cute logo to hearing how each investigation unfolds. Case #2: Britney was especially entertaining and I've already downloaded episode three for my drive to work tomorrow.

Mystery Show logo by Arthur Jones.

P.S - Here are my favourite Australian podcasts. I'd also add to that list two recent series - Radio Housewives and Workers Without Borders.


  1. SO cool! Thanks for tip! downloading now!

  2. Yay! Carla just started listening too! I love Starlee :)

  3. Just listened to 3 episodes while baking all morning - so good!
    Thanks for the recommendation, Sonya :)

    1. Macushla, that sounds like the most relaxing morning ever!