Happy weekend

08 May 2015

Hello, it's suddenly freezing in Wagga Wagga, which means it's time to retire these shoes for another season. I hope you've had a good week, we've had so many nice things left on our doorstep these last few days, from homemade cakes to gorgeous flowers, cookbooks and even a fancy fish dinner.

Here are a few links for the weekend, have a lovely one :)

Yum - easy black bean nachos with blue cheese and lime. Emphasis on blue cheese and easy.

A not-too-scary introduction to decluttering and minimalism at home.

These photos are amazing - the Tibetan couple whose wedding photos went viral in China.

I really liked these illustrations of everyday love. I made Tony look at them too.

The worrier's guide to life.

A fun podcast - music and time slowed down.

And from my friend Sophieempathy cards for serious illness.

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