A simple gift wrapping trick

04 May 2015

Lately I've been ditching envelopes and sticking greeting cards straight onto presents. It's super simple and makes presents look more festive, especially if you use glitter tape too. It could look lovely for Mother's Day :)

I love wrapping presents and have just stocked up on some supplies from the city, mainly wrapping paper from Kiki K (reversible yay!) and cards from Rifle Paper Co. I really love how Catherine of Little Glowing Lights wraps her pressies, they're always colourful and inviting.


  1. I love that glitter tape! I must get some. I also like skipping the envelope, especially when my cards have lots of layers and things that envelopes can squash.

  2. Wrapping presents is the best! Love the glitter tape, I haven't seen that around. Thank you for mentioning me too, I followed the link from your Instagram and was so surprised! Very kind of you x

    1. Gosh, I take so much inspiration from your blog and Instagram :) The mini balloon cake toppers were totally bought after I saw them on your feed. Hope you're going well with your gorgeous newborn!