Weekend links

17 April 2015

Hope you've had a good week, mine's been slightly stressful so Friday hasn't come soon enough!

My in-laws are visiting this weekend for Tony's artist talk and I'm planning to make Angie's slow-cooked lamb shoulder and try out this friendly-looking apricot tray cake. Yum!

Speaking of food, I really enjoyed Garance Dore's 'What We Eat' interviews.

A brief history of how the Internet and texting have been depicted in films - nerdy but great.

Love this 70's inspired outfit.

I've been shopping for winter basics and like the look of these tops.

And I'm a way into my April book, which is The Ghost Estate.

See you next week :)


  1. That 7os inspired outfit reminds me of the flying nun, which is odd considering how low cut that top is! I hope you have a relaxing weekend, the food sounds delicious. Can you buy frozen apricots? I booked my sitting with Tony for my birthday :)

    1. That's so nice :) I was thinking of using tinned apricots, given fresh ones are out of season. Have never seen frozen ones! Though they probably exist.