A lovely observation about marriage

08 April 2015

Tony and I have been married for close to eight months and every now and then someone will ask whether our relationship has changed and what married life is like. Put on the spot, I never know what to say.

I've just finished reading Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking and while it is a book about her first year as a widow, it's also very much a book about married and family life.

I loved this line the most, 'Marriage is memory, marriage is time.'

I felt like it goes a way to explain why very small things can feel significant - like the purchase of a table and two chairs for our front porch, or plans to take a few weeks off in June to drive to another state as slowly as we can. It highlights the smaller moments that I'm sure will mean all the more later.

And here's a funny photo we took in Sydney a few days before our wedding - we both look so tired from all the last minute prep!

P.S Relationship advice from our wedding guests.

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