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27 March 2015

Hello! Tomorrow I'm flying to Sydney to cuddle my niece and help two of my closest friends celebrate their 30th birthdays. I can't wait! Hope you have a nice weekend. Here are a few things I enjoyed this week:

Savoury galettes - they're new to me and I've  already made two types, pumpkin and caramelised onion and wild mushroom and Stilton. The mushroom was my favourite. They're very comforting for Autumn, and less fussy than a pie or quiche.

The New York Magazine runs a tongue-in-cheek series focusing on high-profile bloggers called 'I Like This Bitch's Life', I especially enjoyed the Molly Yeh profile. Her blog has its own theme song!

If you follow cartoonist Roz Chast's work, her interview on Here's The Thing is really enjoyable.

RnB Love Songs on Finetooth Radio - a new favourite episode.

Women's website The Hoopla calls it a day. I have a lot of respect for the way Wendy Harmer ran this publication, ensuring she paid every single writer what they were entitled to.

Cadbury's Picnic bar now comes in a family block. The types of blocks you can get these days is insane.

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