Do you celebrate anniversaries?

01 March 2015

Today is Tony and my seven year anniversary and for the first time we've decided not to do anything to celebrate because this year we're switching to wedding anniversaries!

I'm so curious about what other couples do to mark relationship milestones. For our very first anniversary, we went to the aquarium at night to see the dugongs and ate dumplings afterwards. It was really fun - did you know that dugongs eat whole heads of lettuce and can smile?

Since then, we've made fancy meals at home (one year Tony made poached chicken and blue cheese Arancini balls!), exchanged silly cards (I've been buying these ones for years), shared cupcakes and used it as an excuse to go to Momofuku Seiobo.

I'd love to know what you do, if you do celebrate. My brother-in-law and his wife have been back to the place where they had their wedding reception for lunch and friends have stayed in a fun new hotel for a wedding anniversary. We're tempted to stay in the exact same place come September.


  1. Hey Sonya,

    Love the post (and blog). We recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary by having take away Japanese food. We've got a kid, so take away with mood lighting and bad jazz at home is technically a restaurant. Just was we were enjoying some ramen, a neighbour decided to water the garden behind our unit. This was the first wedding anniversary that we shared with a stranger.


    1. There's bad jazz at your place? ;) Thanks so much for sharing. For your next anniversary, I am definitely up for babysitting if you'd like! Oddly, I find takeaway kind of romantic!