Wedding: Relationship advice from our family and friends

10 February 2015

My friend Vanessa organised a really thoughtful wedding surprise  - a pop quiz for every guest to fill out before lunch. There were five questions all up but the last one was my favourite - 'My best tip for a happy, loving relationship ...'

The responses were generous, insightful and too good not to share.  Here are a few highlights:

'Join in each other's adventures.' - Vanessa

'Kindness is everything. And take it in turns picking which movie to watch next.' - Tim

'Best advice I ever received - never argue about money because you'll never have enough.' - Jacqui

'Forgiveness to match commitment, sharing because you care, hard work but it never feels hard, never take your love for granted. It is a gift to share.' - Moyra

'Do plenty of things together but also know when to give each other some space.' - Sabine (who designed and made our wedding rings!)

'Buy a doggie :) It is wonderful seeing the person you love take responsibility of a little pup.' - Irini


'Remember that you actually love each other's quirks, even when they drive you nuts.' - Nicky

'Care and attention. Learn about life and love together.' - Mark

'Talk about everything. People's flaws are the most personal thing about them and lovely because of it.' - Max (he's 19!)

'Keep growing together and be involved in each other's lives.' - Simon

'Be open. Don't expect your partner to read your mind.' - Marina

'Take time for yourself, be honest when it's useful and take the time to pause and remember why you love each other at the hardest times.' - Liz

'Lots of holidays together.' - Sam

Our friend Luke decided to quote the late Joan Rivers with this gem, 'If you can laugh at it, you can deal with it.' And so many friends championed not letting the sun set on an argument.

Big thanks to Vanessa for organising such an awesome surprise and gift, to Christina for stealthily designing the quizzes (with a custom coat of arms!) and to our friends and family for taking part.

Photos by Wattle + Lace.