My week - Chinese New Year countdown

13 February 2015

Next Thursday will be Chinese New Year's eve and now that I'm married I'll be giving out red packets filled with lucky money instead of receiving them. I'm super excited and have bought a few little gifts too, this cookbook for my youngest brother who is a budding burger chef and a sweet dress for my niece. They went in the post this week.

In less cheery news, I had two wisdom teeth out this week and have been eating soft food ever since. Thank goodness for whipped coconut cream, speculoos cookie butter and hazelnut gelato. As soon as I'm better, I'm making rocky road.

I have a sudden interest in toast now that I'm temporarily unable to eat it and this lady is a toast queen. Anyone who puts Kit Kat on toast is a winner in my books. She packs amazing lunches too.

At my work we're heading towards end-of-year reviews and Tony pointed out this interesting Life Matter's segment on pay and gender as food for thought.

And just in case you hadn't noticed, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. I'll be listening to Finetooth Radio's latest anti-Valentine's Day mix (last year's is excellent too) and would love to make these delicious looking bittersweet chocolate and malt milkshakes. I might make these multigrain choc chip cookies too, for balance ;)

Have a happy weekend.

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