Wedding: A ceremony surprise

24 January 2015

I am a terrible secret keeper, especially when it comes to surprises, so it's a small miracle that I managed to plan something for my wedding and actually pull it off.

Before the wedding, our celebrant Louise (who married my brother and his wife a few years ago and happens to be a psychologist during the week!) asked us to send through a few details about how we met so she could include them in the ceremony. We wrote something together and because I was the one emailing it off, I snuck in two extra lines and asked whether she could help me with a surprise.

Here's what I sent: 

Sonya and Tony had actually met years before they started going out. They ran into each other again at a house party six years ago, where the found the least romantic place to talk - an old outhouse in the yard.

When Tony learned that Sonya was on the lookout for Lego men for an art project she was working on, he offered to share a few from his childhood. He raced back to his parent's place to search for the tiny toys.

After the Lego man exchange, Sonya invited Tony to an exhibition of Orangutan portraits, which he had already seen. She took this to be a sign and they have been together ever since.

Not all of the Lego men that were given to Sonya that day ended up in her art project. She hung onto one, which she's brought today, tied to her bouquet for good luck.

And here's how Tony reacted when he saw the Lego man that he'd given me on our first date, it was totally worth the wait:

That morning, while my sister, mum and friend Marina were getting their hair and make-up done, I fussed around in another room trying unsuccessfully to wedge the Lego man into my bouquet. My Dad came over to help and had a genius idea of using fishing line. He fetched it and had the mini space man secured in two minutes flat! 

My Dad was a legend that morning, he made cups of tea and coffee for everyone, tidied up after us and helped to iron the outfits for our flower girl and page boy before it was time to go.

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