My week - Summer in the kitchen

09 January 2015

I've been pottering around at home this week, trying out new recipes, taking naps and avoiding the heat before I head back to work on Monday. Here's what I've been up to in my last week of holidays.

We had a midweek pizza night and watched the delightful The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, a documentary about Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyakai's final feature length animation.

I've been living in this dress that Tony gave me for Christmas. It's the best striped/t-shirt dress ever, and 100 per cent cotton - win!

On Instagram I stalked graphic designer Jasmine Dowling's beautiful feed, which may have lead to the purchase of my first Assembly Label tee (they live up to the hype).

Also Carin from Paris in four months has been in Sydney, and I've loved seeing how she's captured my hometown on Instagram. Also, I need to go to Brewtown.

Sometimes you need the internet to tell you how to make a sandwich. Green machine sandwiches were our Saturday breakfast and they were so good.

And I've been taking advantage of my time at home to listen to radio shows that I usually miss while I'm at work, like Life Matters, which I love. I especially enjoyed this episode for its unique exploration of marriage.

Hope you have a great weekend! Tony's planning to make special hamburgers tonight (with Kewpie mayo AND tomato sauce) and then tomorrow we're headed to a hoedown at a friend's house for a very different kind of baby shower.

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