A simple cake for all reasons

05 January 2015

Have you ever missed a recipe? I'm not sure I had until I was away from home for four months and had a sudden urge to make this frosted marmalade loaf from Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries.

This recipe reminds me of an orange syrup cake my mum used to make and the Madeira cake she would sometimes buy from the supermarket. It's dense, buttery and moorish, and a good one if you haven't had time to plan ahead. I've made it to cheer up my office and as a last minute gift.

When it's done, you can chop it up and take it to a picnic like this, it's a not-too-messy cake that you can easily eat with your hands.

Or if it's for something more special, decorate it. I made this for a New Year's Day afternoon tea, iced it as per the recipe and then took inspiration from Sarah's fruit and herb style of cake decoration. This cake is really cute too!

Unadorned is also just as nice. You'll find the icing is pretty runny, so you won't be icing a cake so much as you'll be pouring it over your finished loaf. Happy baking!

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