Hello weekend

12 October 2018

Remember my weekend bucket lists? This time round I'd love to visit my favourite doughnut shop in town, test out a dream couch at Ikea, bake some cinnamon scrolls for two new parents, and maybe make some almond butter cups for home :) What about you? I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead - I have so much sleep to catch up on from daylight savings! To share:

When you think you're reading an interiors story but it turns into something life affirming.

Missing out on purpose (MOOP!) via Sophie.

This episode of Nancy, The Perfect Son, had me sucking in my breath so many times. Highly recommend.

"My goal is to yell at someone the next time I'm hurt." Yep.

Super helpful - four ways to wrap up your day at work. My fave? Don't forget to say thanks!

Two of the most important stories I've read in a very long time, on being suicidal and helping someone through it from Honor Eastly and Graham Panther.

And for fellow fans of one-pot pastas - an asparagus, lemon and tuna number that is done and dusted in 15 minutes flat.

See you next week!


Dinner plans

07 October 2018

What's on the menu at your place this week? We've just come back from a weekend away, so we're keeping it simple. I'm making taco bowls for dinner tonight, we'll see a friend for pizza and gelato on Tuesday (yay!), grab some bolognese from the freezer midweek which will see us through to Friday when it's Tony's turn to cook.

For lunches, I'm four weeks into roasting veggies for a work lunches on a Sunday. We used to take turns making sandwiches on weeknights but I find veggie bowls heaps easier to pack and less fussy too. Plus, Sunday afternoon is a nice time to potter around and listen to podcasts while making some food.

This week we'll have honeyed carrots, miso eggplant, and spiced zucchini with quinoa with some spinach leaves and maybe a boiled egg :) There will also be bircher muesli for the mornings we're going straight to work from yoga.

I've also been a super dag and made a weekly shopping list template in my phone that I copy and paste into my notes every week. It's got the basics, so I just need to add any special ingredients we need for the week ahead.

Last but not least - pasta. Here are two pastas I'd love to eat soon - this super satisfying creamy tortellini and a mac and cheese that my friend May rates from Molly Yeh. I also thought I'd share the recipe for a massive bolognese I made recently. My brother sent me Giorgio Locatelli's cookbook Made in Italy for my birthday, specifically so I could try the bolognese recipe. I made it last weekend and it's really good and makes bolognese for days (or 16!).

Have a good week, whatever your plans!

Hello weekend

05 October 2018

We're going away this weekend and are heading to the Blue Mountains for Tony's cousin's wedding. I'm excited to get away and am secretly hoping to do our weekly shop at this cute farm store. I hope you've had a great short week, some good and slightly confronting things to share:

Did you see the profile of Leigh Sales in Good Weekend? I found it super surprising and hear her interview on Conversations is excellent too.

I learnt so much from editing this story - the benefits of quitting social media.

This week I've been deeply disturbed by the Brett Kavanaugh story in the US and hungry for more information. The video of Jeff Flake being confronted by two sexual assault survivors in a lift is so powerful and upsetting. I was grateful to hear the testimony of Dr Blasey Ford on The Daily, and the follow-up episode The Anguish of Jeff Flake features an interview with one of the women who confronted the senator. Highly recommend, even if both are tough listens.

I also really liked this from Laura - How to talk to the women in your life right now.

I sampled Alex Blumberg's new podcast Without Fail (thank you to Chiara who suggested it in the comments) and think I'll keep listening. It's an interview show that features successful people - in business, sport, and the arts - talking about their big wins and their failures too. Love that the season will include artists as well as company founders.

On a totally different note, pad thai fans (aka me) this noodle salad is heavily inspired by it but far less heavy and greasy. It's vego with vegan options too and I'll definitely be making it again. It's satisfying and light.

And the perfect diary for 2019 - if only I could settle on a colour! Wes Anderson mauve or sunny yellow?

Keep well and catch you next week.


Easy spring picnics

03 October 2018

On Sunday afternoon, we grabbed some brie, kombucha and hummus from the grocer near our apartment and headed outside for a late snacky lunch. We went to our favourite spot, a shady area by the lake that played host to Christmas last year, and it was one of those moments that was just really nice. It reminded me that picnics can be just as fun without a homemade pasta salad or a specially made batch of brownies.

The very next day, we woke up early and drove to a national park because we'd been invited to do a yoga class by a waterfall and who says no to that? The class ended up being on top of the waterfall, rather than below it as I was expecting, which was nothing short of terrifying. But we survived and were rewarded with breakfast :)

The hosts served yoghurt, fruit salad, nuts, muesli, muffins and tea and I was grateful to be tucking into my first mango of the season. We chatted and ate on top of a rock that overlooked some mountains, with cool breezes and the sound of the waterfall trickling below us. It was pinch-me great.

And because I have a weakness for chocolate coated fruit and nuts, I was stoked to try the chocolate that was part of the breakfast spread.  Choc chai almonds are my new obsession, from the serve-yourself-nut section of Coles. I am so looking forward to more spur of the moment picnics this season.

Hello long weekend

28 September 2018

I am so excited for the long weekend. We have two things planned, a surprise date (for Tony) and a trip to Gibraltar Falls. Everything else is up in the air. I might test recipes, check out the Japanese Film Festival, or just keep listening to Slow Burn season 2, because it's so good. Also, there's a new season of Chef's Table! Going to try and not watch it all at once. For your long weekend:

Christina Tosi's mum is the cutest.

On being open about your mental health at work.

Such a dreamy light-filled kitchen! I want the t-shirt too :)

I made this jam tart and it was so simple and satisfying. If you're keen to try it, I used a jar of jam for the filling, baked the pastry shell for around 18-20 minutes, and the tart with the jam for around 15 minutes.

Excited about listening to No Feeling Is Final, a brave new podcast about what it's like when the thoughts inside your head are often too much.

And just in time for the long weekend (and the footy finals, if you're into that!), this week's ABC Life recipe is a chargrilled cheeseburger from Raph Rashid. It reminds me of a Shake Shack style burger, minus the peanut butter shake.

Have a relaxing break!

A list for the weekend

27 September 2018

A couple of weeks ago we cancelled our weekend plans because Tony was sick and I had a weepy eye (real life right here!). So, with nothing on, I started jotting down some fun things I'd like to do instead, no errands allowed.

There were 12 things on there that first weekend, and to my surprise I got to all but one. I'm two weekends into writing a short list of fun things and I'm loving it. The activities can be small - like visiting a new bakery to pick up some bread (and a lemon tart with cloud-like meringue), watching a movie on Netflix that you've had on your list for ages, or having a BBQ dinner. For me, the act of writing it down reminds me that it's something I'd really like to do.

I've often admired bloggers like Joy who make a bucket list for an entire season but I find them a little daunting. So for now, I'm running with a week by week one  :)

P.S Almost the long weekend!

Hello weekend

21 September 2018

Just six things to share because the week's been full of surprises. On Wednesday afternoon I found myself in Sydney, watching the sunset over the city from up high. There was a matcha and white choc chip cookie scoffed at the airport on my way home, and then a reunion with my friend Larissa who was visiting from Launceston. We used to share an office, and some very long car trips, when we both worked in Wagga Wagga and it was so nice to see her. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! To share:

High on my to bake list - this salted caramel slice.

Garance Dore on depression (and anti-depressants).

Finished this book in less than a week. So gripping.

Love the idea of a prawn risotto that serves just one for the next time I'm home alone.

I'm not usually one for poems but I heard The Inheritance by Stephen Dunn on Dispatch to a Friend and went back to read it too.

And one of my favourite ABC Life recipes to date - a white chocolate and raspberry scone. We have one left in our freezer and I'm sure we'll fight over it tomorrow morning :)